“Sea Change”

Soft-pastel on pastel board, 16”x20.”


“Sea Change”

Tides are shifting,

verdant leaves transforming,

saffron and amber,


under late summer swelter.  

The hum of locusts and cicadas,


and the night birds’ hoots and cries

court us into the Deep


deeper memories,

waves of ancestral calls

pursuing us,

beseeching us to remember,

and awaken

to the ripening tides

of this life,

on this sacred ground,

nourished from the fountainhead

of these surging,

inviolable waters.

©️F. E. Trainor

September 6, 2019


…The seashell is from the atlantic ocean, down in North Carolina, where I found it, among countless others on a wild beach. The deer skull is from the forest near my dwelling. Some years back a friend found it, up in a tree, like a sentinel guarding the path. It now guards my home. The starfish stands as an offering to an ancestor so beloved to me, I have no adequate words, but would offer dreams of northern forests, whispering, winding rivers, smooth, ancient mountains, and the sun-kissed, summer-calm sea to describe him best to you…and sherbet-orange tiger lilies blooming amidst the heady scent of white and purple flox; the tart-sweet, sun-warmed succulence of crimson raspberries, freshly plucked in the garden, enjoyed, smiling, together. The deer skull, the moon, the skeletal remains of a home spun from the fibers of another being’s own body, and a life lived beneath the waves- memories, washed up on the shore, treasures, mysteries from another world inviting contemplation of origins and evolution, of endless life rhythms.

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