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“Within Light and Shadow”

Watercolor, pen and ink, on rag paper.


A wolf named Denali, in Alaska. He was, and I hope still is, the “alpha”male of a pack of wolves in Anchorage. This wolfpack was saved by people who fought for them to live. The entire adult pack had been massacred by an inhumane, sanctioned hunt. Call it what it is…cold-blooded murder. They would have murdered the wolf-cubs in the the den, if it had not been for the humane humans at the Anchorage Zoo. This zoo is a sanctuary for injured animals who can heal, but cannot survive again in the wild. These wolves were all neutered and spayed to save their lives. They are the last of their Pack. Let that sink in. Their unique, beautiful song will die with them. Maybe even their own local dialect.

This pack have been ambassadors for their kind, through educational programs for the public, to eradicate the disinformation demonizing wolves, and other apex predators; as well as educating the public, through this pack’s story, of the inhumanity inflicted upon them out of hubris, ignorance, greed, and unfounded hate.

Love the Earth. Love each other. Bow to the Earth in gratitude for the life sustainance she gives us. Bow to our Brothers and Sisters in the wild for the balance they keep. Life is beautiful. Protect the Earth and one another.